General Landscaping Application

There are many things to consider that pertain to the City of Wahpeton Ordinance regulations designed to protect and enhance properties in our city limits. 

  • LANDSCAPED is an area devoted to or developed predominately with plant materials or natural features including lawn, gardens, trees shrubs and other plant materials; and also including accessory outdoor landscape elements such as pools, fountains, water features, paved or decorated surfaces of rock, stone, brick. block or similar material (excluding driveways, parking or storage areas.)
  • Chapter Supplemental District Regulations. All new construction, additions, decks, fences, etc. must be located at least thirty-five (35') back from the ordinary high water mark. Within the area between the ordinary high water mark and the 35 feet setback like or line of signs, whichever is greater, no hard cover is allowed. The front yard for lakefront property is the lake side. The front yard for residential and canal property is the street side. (Chapter
  • Chapter Residential Yard Setback. Setback line for decks and patios.
  • Chapter 165.10.7 Fences, Living Fences (Hedges) or Walls. Plants, shrubs, bushes and trees are not normally considered "fences". However, if shrubs, bushes and trees are planted, maintained and used to form a barrier to enclose or screen areas of land, such use of plant materials shall constitute a "fence" or "living fence."
  • Chapter 165.04.5 (R) & 165.05.5 (LF) Sidewalk Construction: Sidewalks must be 2' feet from side yard lot line and no wider than 4' feet wide and only one sidewalk shall be permitted from the front to rear yard.
  • Chapter 165.10.12 Landscaping and Excavation of Lakeshore Property above the Ordinary High Water Mark: Adding additional Rip Rap to the shoreline bank.

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$25 fee due. Please send or drop off payment at the city office.