Lakeshore Bank Landscaping Application

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Any request for landscaping, excavating, or vegetation removal requires a Lakeshore Landscaping Permit which is very strict in its requirements (Chapter 15.10.12 Landscaping). There are only two reasons landscaping permits on the lakeshore area are given. Please indicate which is happening:
If one of these is occurring, a drawing prepared to scale by a registered civil engineer, a registered landscape architect or the Dickinson County Soil Conservation District is to be submitted. The City of Wahpeton allows only natural looking rock retaining walls with natural vegetation cover. The area this applies to is from the ordinary high water mark to the 35' foot set back line.

The Zoning Administrator and the Board of Adjustments Chairman shall review the application and shall grant or deny the requested permit. If either officer does not approve the application, it shall be considered denied. If an application for a landscape permit id denied, that decision may be appealed to the Wahpeton Board of Adjustment.
Please obtain a document from a Registered Civil Engineer, Registered Landscape Architect or Dickinson County Soil Conservation Officer stating they have examined the described lakeshore bank and have made a determination that a serious erosion problem exists or will exist on the lakeshore bank if corrective landscaping measure are not taken. Provide a description of the erosion problem and what corrective measures will be taken and the materials to be used. A detailed drawing must also be submitted with this application providing cross sections of proposed improvements with a side view, plan view and elevation view.
Engineer, Architect or Conservation Officer should also agree that any corrective measures proposed in a. plan submitted under Chapter 165.10.12, shall minimize as far as possible, any change in the level in the finished surface of the ground to be landscaped and shall minimize permanent removal of vegetation or plant cover.
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    $25 fee due. Please mail or drop off a check to city hall.