Tree Removal Application

Chapter Unlawful Act

All trees 6" in diameter or larger within 35' feet of the shoreline (ordinary high water mark) are not to be removed except for certain restrictions. Residents with trees that are dead, diseased or have significant storm damage may apply for a tree removal application for $25, subject to approval by Zoning Administrator and Board of Adjustment Chairman. Removal of trees six inches or larger, for visual reasons, is not allowed. If a tree is removed, it is anticipated a replacement tree will be put in its place.

Residents removing trees in this area without approval are subject to a municipal infraction with possible fine up to $750 plus court costs, (Chapter 165.16.1 Violation/Penalty). It is unlawful for any person to permanently remove viable native vegetation or other viable plant life from the shoreline bank without replacing the same with other vegetation that is equally effective in retarding erosion and preserving the natural appearance of the shoreline bank. Trees not between the shoreline and the 35' foot front yard set back line do not require a tree removal permit.

Address of Tree Service
Max. file size: 256 MB.
$25 fee is due. Please mail or drop off at city hall.